FOC Warp Cannon

A Warp Cannon

Warp Cannons are massive Cybertronian weapon emplacements.


During the Great War, the Autobots attempted to flee Cybertron onboard the Ark, while the Decepticonss staged an all-out offensive against them. In this time, three powerful Warp Cannons were deployed to destroy the Autobot vessel and its defenders. Whilst attempting to defend the starship, Optimus Prime used the Omega Key and awakened Omega Supreme, who was sent to destroy these Decepticon weapon emplacements. With Omega Supreme's aid, the first two Warp Cannons were destroyed with ease, but the third weapon managed to heavily damage Omega's right arm after it had targeted him. Despite being badly damaged, Omega Supreme managed to survive, and destroyed the last Warp Cannon, thus ending the immediate Decepticon threat to the Ark.